Who We Are

Who We Are at Creative Coverage

As an independent insurance agency in business for over 25 years, Creative Coverage offers customized business insurance solutions to our current and prospective commercial clientele. Our expertise and effort is directed toward specific industry targets where our programs stand out as the most innovative, yet competitive offerings in the marketplace.

What To Expect
Prior to meeting with a Creative representative, a comprehensive survey is prepared in advance that focuses on traditional, as well as emerging exposures within your industry. We will then meet at your business site to develop a coverage strategy and insurance package that addresses these issues. While our approach is comprehensive, we typically create a path to insurance markets that are the most competitive in the region thereby giving our customers the coverage solutions they need, at a price they can afford. Solving coverage problems, while reducing your premium outlay, is always our dual objective. Creative insured’s also benefit from our willingness and ability to guide customers toward improving their own standards of loss prevention. We can assist you by offering loss prevention material and services through the carriers we represent. We know that an emphasis on safety will help our customers with their long term claim results and ultimately their overall insurance costs.
Dedicated Service
Creative Coverage customers experience the most responsive service in the industry. We simply won’t rely on an insurance carrier’s service center to assist you. We want you to be able to count on us. Our professional staff is directly available to handle all of your inquiries regarding billing questions, coverage changes,as well as the prompt issuing of certificates of insurance. We can also assist many of our insured’s with their concerns on insurance contract language and indemnity agreements to make sure that they are not signing on to a legal obligation that is beyond the scope of their own policy coverage.  A new Creative customer will immediately recognize our commitment in providing the highest standard of service.
At Renewal
While many insurance agencies typically fall short in providing excellent, continued care to their current customers, our insured’s receive a very focused approach from us at renewal time. Creative representatives meet 90 days before your renewal to have your account quoted with other insurers that offer competitive pricing in your class of business. Simultaneously, we also negotiate pricing very aggressively with your current carrier. The result of this effort is to make certain that you are purchasing coverage at the lowest price available. The re-marketing of your account allows us to emphasize an insured’s interest in safety and the profitable claim results that typically follow. Simply put, we work as hard as possible to retain your valued business. Our current customers will certainly attest to this effort.
Overall, Creative’s comprehensive approach toward coverage design, affordable pricing and loss prevention will offer your firm the insurance agency partner that can truly assist you now and in the future.